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The Ivy Mind CEO & Founder

The Ivy Mind is college admissions consulting arm of Mind Power Enrichment and Experiential Learning (MEEL) Program founded by a graduate of The College Advising Program at Columbia University to simplify the college admissions process for 8th-12th grade students and to help them stand out from the crowd and realize their dream. Our founder brings a wealth of experience and academic distinction to The Ivy Mind. He is a graduate of the Professional Mastery Program in Advanced Project Management from Stanford University. He holds an MBA with a concentration in Advertising, Marketing, and Management Information Systems (MIS), and an undergraduate honors degree with a major specialization in Accountancy. Additionally, he is an IT professional and holds diplomas in E-commerce (Web Technologies) Program and Oracle Specialist Program. He is an expert in viral marketing, possessing a diploma in Social Media Marketing. Furthermore, he has launched a number of ventures in the multicultural advertising, digital advertising, marketing, child literary, and information technology space.

Our hands-on Founder/CEO works as a coach and mentor to his students and their families throughout search, application, and decision-making process. He tours colleges and attends college fairs and admissions conferences to stay on top of the latest college admissions trends. Given his all-round educational background and experience in versatile fields, he has a lot to offer to students who come from diverse backgrounds and have very different learning needs, strengths and interests with the proper guidance and care and he is highly skilled to deliver by planning individualized and customized College Admissions Strategy. He is a first generation immigrant based in Silicon Valley (California) and has successfully advised scores of students from versatile educational backgrounds get into their dream colleges. As a parent, he has been guiding his own kids since kindergarten. His son accelerated grades, won prestigious academic and non academic awards and was two years ahead of his peers before he even began his high school freshman year, attended reputed research programs and excelled in advanced college level courses offered by MIT and Stanford University in computer science, mathematics, & entrepreneurship while he was still in high school. His daughter also skipped grade, won prestigious academic and non academic awards, attained perfect scores in courses in psychology & healthcare offered by Johns Hopkins and Yale University and earned UC/CSU transferable college credits in Biology while she was still in her middle (junior high) school.

The Ivy Mind is best suited for students and families who desire professional guidance, expert advising and specialized attention during the entire application process. The Ivy Mind offers the finest support for those who have extremely precise objectives, such as those who want to apply to selective universities and highly competitive programs. Our services include three top notch college admissions counseling plans at affordable price points for students in grades 8 through 12 and a specialized 36-week SAT/ACT foundation study program for students in grades 8 to 10, designed to prepare them for standardized college entrance tests. Moreover, we offer an alternative, focused SAT/ACT short-term study program for students in grades 11 to 12, to prepare for standardized college entrance tests.