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SAT/PSAT & ACT Preparation
SAT/PSAT & ACT Preparation

The Ivy Mind offers a specialized three-year SAT/PSAT & ACT foundation study program (offered for 36 weeks every year) for children in grades 8 to 10 to prepare for standardized college entrance tests. The Ivy Mind strongly believe that fundamental skills required for superior SAT and ACT scores cannot be obtained in a short period of time and thus offer a proven college entrance preparatory program for children in grade 8, grade 9 and grade 10 to help them discover the power that they already possess to reach the full potential to create academic success and fulfillment in life. It takes a multiple years of extensive preparation to build a foundation needed to solve problems quickly and accurately by developing a thorough understanding of concept-based mathematical techniques. It also takes an extended period of time to build excellent reading and comprehension capabilities while extending students' vocabulary and clarity of written communication.

Short-Term Crash Course

The Ivy Mind offers an alternate specialized SAT and ACT short term study program for children in grades 11 to 12 to prepare for standardized college entrance tests. This course will only use the Year 3 books listed in the Materials section (Year 1 and Year 2 books are not used in the crash course) of this SAT/ACT study program (the instruction will be provided to master the latest edition of the year of study of those books).

How is SAT/ACT Prep with The Ivy Mind different?

The learning skills we teach students boost SAT/ACT scores and moreover further help distinguish themselves by performing at a superior level throughout high school.

How does The Ivy Mind ensure that students receive the best instruction possible?

Every tutor scores in the top 5% in the subjects they teach as well as undergoes rigorous, ongoing training to ensure that the highest standards are met.

Benefits of The Ivy Mind SAT/PSAT & ACT Preparatory Program

A three-year long SAT & ACT study program prepares your child with the necessary skills to reach their full potential and achieve success in the SAT & ACT examination. This extensive preparation for a period up to three years will truly prepare a student for SAT & ACT success in order to attain excellence in reading comprehension and to build solid Math capabilities. This three-year program offered for 36 weeks every year covering English, Science, Math and Vocabulary with just 1 session per week of teacher instruction will not put any real burden on a child but will provide a strong foundation for college success.

SAT/PSAT & ACT Preparation Materials

Both the SAT and ACT are standardized college entrance tests and we do not provide any customized material for this particular study program. We used the best of combination of specialized books to practice for perfection. You will need to purchase the following set of books during three years SAT/ACT study program (the instruction will be provided to master the latest edition of the year of study of the following books):

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3