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The Ivy Mind provides an access to the students from all over the country to top notch admissions advice & tutoring help they need in the comfort of their home without having to commute anywhere. Moreover, a great college advice & tutoring help is just a click away for even those prospective international students who are interested in pursuing undergraduate studies in the United States. Furthermore, we are a perfect platform for those American students whose immigrant parents did not attend college in the United States and are concerned since they lack a better understanding of the US admissions process. The Ivy Mind online counselors and tutors conduct meetings with students via high quality video conference.

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University Admissions: Competitive pool? Stand out. Ace it. The Ivy Mind offers tailored college admissions advising and tutoring via Google Meet, Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype, Phone, & Email as per your schedule and as per your timezone in United States and Worldwide. The Ivy Mind specializes in presenting your application in a manner that maximizes the chances of admission by leveraging your full academic and extracurricular profile to showcase your potential. We offer expert guidance for navigating the ever-changing world of college admissions. You can fill out the form to request a free 30-minute initial telephone consultation or email us anytime Mon-Sun (24/7) or call us via Phone or WhatsApp from 8 AM PST to 6 PM PST (California Time) Mon-Fri.

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The Ivy Mind is college admissions consulting arm of Mind Power Enrichment and Experiential Learning (MEEL) Program; an exciting, innovative, comprehensive, first-rate, exclusive, fresh, matchless, vibrant, magnificent, top-notch college admissions counseling service and a distinctive study program for standardized college entrance tests (SAT/ACT) and advanced placement (AP) tests. Are you are a passionate and dedicated teacher interested in joining our online team? Are you interested in working remotely from your home? If so, please take the liberty of sending us your resume. We are always seeking teachers who are fresh thinkers, creative, enthusiastic and dedicated.

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The Ivy Mind serve students & parents from across the United States (Fremont, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Milpitas, San Ramon, Union City, Yuba City, Los Angeles, San Diego, South Richmond Hill, New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Arlington, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, etc.) Singapore, China, India, South Korea, Canada, UAE & Worldwide.