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-------Offerings and Payment Options-------

An Overview of our Offerings and Payment Options:

*I. We offer three top-notch counseling plans at affordable price points which can be availed anytime beginning eighth grade and before the end of twelfth grade in the convenience of your home via Google Meet, Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype, Phone etc: (a) Plus Plan (Package Fee) - $7599, (b) Premium Plan (Package Fee) - $9599 and (c) Platinum Plan (Package Fee) - $14599 *Please see "College Admissions Counseling (8th to 12th Grade)" and "Senior Year Admissions Counseling (12th Grade)" for complete details.

*II. We offer standardized test (SAT®/PSAT and ACT) online prep classes to boost your scores: Tuition Fee Per Student - $139 per hour for 36 hourly sessions (per standardized test) covering English, Science, Math and Vocabulary and can be taken for 36 weeks with just one hourly session per week of teacher instruction or can be taken in a short duration with 2-3 hour session every week. * (a) Complete Prep class requires payment for all 36 hourly sessions (b) Very small prep class setting - Maximum two students only in an online class setting (c) $50 off in fees if enrolled for both (SAT® as well as ACT) prep classes.

*III. Plan and Prepare for Honors, AP, IB and SAT® Subject Tests: Tuition Fee Per Student - (a) A small individualized setting of up to 2 students only - $139 per hour (online) per subject and, (b) A small group of 3 to 5 students only - $89 per hour (online) per subject.

*Terms and Conditions: (i) The fee payment for College Admissions Advising and/or Tutoring Service will appear in the name of Mindpower Group Inc. in your credit card bill or bank statement etc. (ii) The fee payment submitted to "Mindpower Group Inc" or its website "The Ivy Mind" for College Admissions Advising and/or Tutoring Service is non-refundable and non-transferable and thus with the submission of payment [electronically (debit/credit card, paypal etc.) or via check or bank transfer etc.], you agree that you will neither request for refund nor dispute charges with your credit card company, bank, financial institution etc. (iii) Chase QuickPay®/Zelle doesn't charge fees to send or receive money, for businesses or customers and we pass our savings to the clients ("customers") in the form of a special discounted price. A payment can be sent via Chase QuickPay®/Zelle at [email protected] to avail the above listed discounted prices. Use of "Add to Cart" for credit card/paypal or other payment methods will change our discounted offerings to the regular prices. (iv) For College Admissions Advising Only: If you have made the payment for either of our college admission counseling plan, you must also print (fill-in) "Tailored College Admission Counseling Form (Printable)," sign it and email it to [email protected]