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Honors, AP & IB Exam Preparation
Honors, AP & IB Exam Preparation

The Ivy Mind understands that demanding coursework and top grades are a requirement for admission to competitive colleges. Our tutors are highly qualified staff members who are either graduates of premium universities/colleges or top 1% scorers in respective subjects. We offer 1-1 tutoring as well as group tutoring services on and as needed basis at our location. We also work with our students from across the country and around the world using Skype. The student and the tutor can see each other and chat just as if they are sitting next to each other.

Covered Subjects

Some of the subjects covered are: Mathematics [Level 1 & Level 2, Calculus AB & Calculus BC, Mathematics SL & Mathematics HL], Science [Biology, Chemistry & Physics (Physics 1: Algebra-Based, Physics 2: Algebra-Based, Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, and Physics C: Mechanics, Physics SL and Physics HL)], Humanities [English & History (US History and World History)] etc.

Does Ivy Mind diagnose weaknesses while supporting a student in all aspects of a coursework?

The Ivy Mind tutors diagnose weaknesses early on through readiness assessment to support a student in all aspects of coursework.

When can a student enroll for AP or IB Exam Preparation?

A student can enroll during a school year if she/he need assistance in a course she/he is taking or even during a summer break if she/he wants to get a head start.

Benefits of The Ivy Mind AP Tests & IB Exams Preparation
  • Ideal preparation that is very beneficial to college and test preparation: The Ivy Mind aligns AP Exam and High School Exam Preparation. The Ivy Mind Preparation makes it easier as a student prepares for AP exam and its corresponding high school exam as aligining tests is easier and very beneficial to college and test preparation.
  • Creating an AP Exam and IB Exam Preparation Plan: The Ivy Mind help in creating an AP Exam and IB Exam Preparation Plan, this means if you’re a STEM student completing your AP Physics coursework with us and preparing for the AP exam, it’s a good idea to plan ahead for maximum outcomes of your AP Exam and High School Exam.
  • Experienced IB - SL/HL Turtors: Our online IB - SL/HL tutors are ready to give you the International Baccalaureate help you need.